Chickadee Window Wall Art


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From artists Wendy Wiinanen and Susan Winget, the Winter’s Garden collection emanates the heart of the woodlands to the inner circle of your home. Surround yourself in nature’s colors mixed with holiday flair in deep greens and cardinal reds in a variety of pieces for you. From Christmas florals to forests filled with singing birds, you will find yourself tempted with rustic wall art, heartfelt figures, stunning tableware, and of course, tree ornaments that charm. Let the tree branches of the woods wrap their arms around you with love in this very special holiday Winter’s Garden. Like two birds of a feather, these chickadees bring you holiday wishes this year. The Chickadee Window Wall Art is a true glance into the window of the world of two very introspective birds on the beautiful green of the winter pines. Both chicks sit and ponder the meaning of Christmas with the world of music around them, bringing them closer to their answer. This piece of art is a highly decorative endeavor that literally brings the outdoors within. The Chickadees are pictured inside a wood composite frame, complete with handle to replicate a true window within your home! Hang this beautiful 16-inch square piece of art and watch it transform any space into holiday inspiration! Why have a blank canvas on your wall when you can have a window to see it all? Get a bird’s eye view of the holidays with the Chickadee Window Wall Art. Best of all, match with the Botanical Santa and Cardinal Window Wall Art for a total woodland collection with the highest artistic intentions. **16-inch square, Made of wood composite, metal, glass, and paper
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Product Description

Winter Garden - Chickadee Window Wall Art

  • Design by Susan Winget
  • Christmas
  • Made of wood composite, metal, glass, and paper
  • 16 inch square